The Voice  statement and performance:
         We live through a world full of different voices that maybe have
         accidently created by us and help in this case understanding people
         thoughts , feelings , experiences,…

         I think making sounds produced by human being  is an organic way to
         explain what we are or  how to communicate with others.
         Voices produce by vibration of vocal cords and provide atmosphere for
         changes include a message , also is a personal reaction to explain things
         but influence directly on the whole of our living ambiance. 

         In this painting collection l tried to show my feeling of hearing different
         voices around which could have made by hearing a daily conversation
         between two neighbors and as I live in Iran it might have been about 
         political news , inflation, filtering , family , and a lot of things that exist
         here and people from morning to night are  involved.

         … On the street I can hear two men are fighting with each other for
         paying less money to taxi  , a boy plays guitar through the pavement , a 
         woman is selling crafts beside him …. In the bus there is a crowd , two
         students are talking about difficult exam they passed , a girl is talking
         with an old woman complaining about her boyfriend , two women are
         guessing the price of a nice cloth for a party and behind them couple of
         men are arguing about daily news and low internet speed while others
         are listening them…

         Everywhere there are voices you want to hear or not. Especially when I 
         listen to myself I come across with a complicated situation .You know I
         found myself full of contrasts ,so decided to  paint some of them like
         when I am talking to my neighbor or listening radio , searching through
         you Tube , watching satellite, hearing a friend’s story , talk to my sister
         about diaries , listen to a favorite music  , chat with a  customer , and 
         finally here in this video I am singing and listening to my  voice at my
         studio while painting (  ) 
         [This video is a voice performance art : for more information also I’m a professional
         singer since ten years ago and have had private concerts too.]